93-94 Scandinavian Championship 2017


Part 1

This tournament is something I’ve looked forward to the past months, Last Friday I was sitting in the couch and it was about time to start brewing my deck for the championshipthe clock was 22:15 and the only thing I was sure about was that I wanted to play red Atog 🙂

After 15 minutes with candy, television and my binders I had a spotting image of what kind of deck I wanted to play but I had a problem already. I needed to cut 8 cards and we all know how painful it is to cut cards right?

01:23 Finally the deck that I’d decided to play was ready. I had figured out what to cut and my sideboard was done.

It was long past time for bed, but every inch of my body was still awake because of the hype for the tournament and I wasn’t tired at all, I kind of felt like a child the day before Christmas.

Anyway, I somehow managed to get a bit of sleep before my alarm woke me up 10:00

Thankfully my train to Arvika wasn’t leaving until 12:42 so I had plenty of time to do everything that was needed before heading there.

I probably checked my bag several times before I left the apartment to make sure I had all cards with me, call it old habit if you will. 😉


The Train

As I was sitting on the train I had 48-minute ride to enjoy so to be sure everything would go smoothly I called my old friend Tobbo to remind him to get me at the station.

13:30 I stepped of the train and my ride was there in time. We drove to Arvika’s one and only MTG card shop named “Kortikubik” and there was about 10-15 people there playing prerelease of Ixalan.

since we still had some time before going to the championship I found myself digging in the shop owner’s folder and found myself 4 Ankh of Mishra. DAMN! I wanted to change my deck again so for the next hour or two I was thinking about what cards to cut.


Finally there!

by the time we entered the championship area I still hadn’t decided what to cut but I had a pretty good idea of potential cuts.

for a few minutes I forgot all about this because I was welcomed with big love of all friendly contenders, handshakes, hugs yeah you name it! A lot of Old faces and some new ones! YEAH, I was hyped at this point!

but I didn’t have time for this so I went to my friend Gordon to discuss about the last-minute change of my deck and we had similar thoughts about it

So it was decided

Ank and Tablett


to be continued


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